My Gear List


•Red Weapon 6k kit 

  • 7" Red Touch

  • 2x 1TB mini-mags

  • DSMC2 Outrigger Handle + Universal Top Handle

  • Nikon/Canon Mount

  • DSMC2 OLPF kit: low-light, standard, skin-tone

  • 4x Red Bricks

  • DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander

  • DSMC2 Sidekick

  • DSMC Battery Belt Clip

•Panasonic GH5s

•Nikon D800E 

•GoPro 3 & 4

•DJI Phantom 3 Pro


•Arri M18 with EB 

•Arri L10 

•Arri Softbank 4 light kit

•3x iKAN LED panel light kit with V mount adapter plates

•Nikon & Canon Speedlights 

     -Misc: Risers, rollers, flags, sand bags, diffusion, etc.


•Zeiss 15mm F2.8

•Zeiss 21mm F2.8

•Zeiss 28mm F2

•Zeiss 35mm F1.4

•Zeiss 50mm F2 Macro

•Zeiss 85mm F1.8

•Zeiss 100mm F2 Macro

•Zeiss 135mm F2

•Nikon 28-300mm zoom

    -B+W Polarizer and ND-Vario filters


•Varizoom 16.5' Crane Jib with MC-100 remote head

•DJI Ronin with Thumb Controller

•DJI Ronin-S

•Redrock Micro Wireless Follow Focus

•Wooden Camera 15mm Rod Support Kit

•Dynamic Perceptions Stage Zero 6' Timelapse track kit

•Kessler Travel Slider

•DP Slider 4' mantis edition

•Glidecam 4000

•TelMax Teleprompter kit


•Sennheiser MKH 70 P48 w/ windscreen blimp kits

•2x Sony URX Wireless Lavs

•Sound Devices USBPre 2

•Tascam DR100mkii


•Black Magic HD 6Ch ATEM Switcher kit

•ComStar Eartec pro2000 4x headset kit


•Roland RD800

•Korg Mini

•Cubase 8.5

•East West Composers Cloud

Bryan Matuskey...

is an award-winning documentary film maker, with shooting, editing, and directing experience most-notably in the music and aviation industries. He's produced nearly 30 episodes of independent cable broadcast TV shows, over 200 educational videos, and has been a special guest speaker at film festivals, film schools, and various video related conferences. He's also a published and award-winning photographer, a music composer, and has multi-media art projects in permanent collection at the Arizona State University and the Colorado Sangre de Cristo Museum and Art Center. 

"It all started with the love and support of my wonderful family. My mother's creativity and zest for life, my father's engineering mind and work-ethic, and the wild creativity and abstract thinking of my brothers. As a kid, I put some serious miles on our gigantic family-VHS camera improvising movies, which ultimately lead to my career as an audio/visual storyteller.

I love to create, tell stories, imagine, discover, and collaborate. I really just want to keep getting better and hope that my efforts touch people's lives in a meaningful way.

In my personal life, I love spending every minute possible with my wife and daughter. We enjoy urban farming, raising chickens, hiking, traveling, cooking, and being as silly as we possibly can together."

                                                                                 -Bryan Matuskey

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